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• No oil based makeup removers/ facial products for example, setting sprays, suncream, tanning accelerator

• No mascara/ waterproof makeup

• No heat or curling

• No pulling/ picking

• No lash lifting or tinting over the extensions

• Cleanse every 1-2 days; every day if you wear eyeshadow or eyeliner

• Brush daily-natural lashes shed 1-5 a day

• To keep lashes looking fresh come for a fill every 2/3 weeks

• When crying your lashes can sometimes harden from the salt from the tears if this happens cleanse the lashes to fluff them back up

• Sun and humidity can affect the lash retention so on hot days/holidays you may find lashes won’t last as long as usual

If the aftercare isnt followed i am not liable for any damaged caused to the natural lashes or extensions 

if any questions please contact me and ill be happy help 

Thank you Mollie xx

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare: About
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